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Scan to SketchUp

Convert any point cloud into a SketchUp model

How it works


Step 1

We receive a 3D Scan

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Step 2

We automatically generate an IFC with our inhouse software


Step 3

We model on top of the auto generated model


You receive your completed BIM model


Start your project faster than ever.

With both an automated and manual touch, we do scan to BIM faster than ever with the ability to guarantee quality 3D BIM models.

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Q: What file types do you accept?

A: We accept most point cloud file types such as e57, las, pts and pcd. 


Q: What file types will the 3D models be in?

A: We model our 3D models as Autodesk Revit, ArchiCAD, SketchUp and IFC files.   

Q: What type of 3D scans do you accept?

A: We accept point cloud files of residential and commercial buildings.  Unfortunately at this time, we do not have model industrial buildings or outdoor structures such as bridges. 


Q: How does the automated component of your process work?

A: We have created in-house software that has the ability to convert simple building components from point cloud files such as walls, doors, windows, floors and ceilings into a BIM file. Unfortunately the software is not foolproof, so we provide some manual intervention to ensure the 3D model is up to customer expectations.

About Us

Faramoon is a Melbourne-based company that provides Scan to BIM services with the help of their inhouse developed software that converts LIDAR data (point cloud data) to Building Information Model (BIM) data. It was selected by the University of Melbourne’s research business accelerator program in 2016 and has raised seed investment in April 2020.

The company is backed by a team that has many years of research experience and are at the forefront of new developments and innovation in this domain. The University of Melbourne has exclusively licensed aspects of the technology to Faramoon.

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Steven Chau



Achini Peiris


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