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How does it work?

Step 1

Do you have a 3D scan and hate the long tedious process of staring at the computer screen and slowly creating a 3D model click by click?

Don't worry! Just send the 3D scan over to us and we will take care of it.

Just let us know your project requirements, and we will look at your 3D scan to give you quote.

Once you looked at the quote and given us the green light, we will start converting immediately!

The 3D Scan


Our automatically generated 3D Model

Step 2

Now we are up to the fun part!

We put your 3D scan into our software where it magically turns it into 3D model with the power of automation.

The 3D model generated is in an IFC file format, which makes it easy to convert for use with most BIM and 3D modelling software such as Revit, ArchiCAD, SketchUp and AutoCAD.

Step 3

We'll admit, our software's automation isn't perfect yet!

That's why we get humans involved to take an extra step and make sure you get an accurate high quality 3D Model before we send it to you.

Our software generated
3D models only have the basic building elements generated.

If you need a 3D model with high levels of detail; such as
as-built, our team of humans can do this by modelling on top of the software generated 3D model. Just let us know!


An as-built Revit model created by humans from using the software  generated 3D Model
as a base

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