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5 Reasons Why Every Architect Needs an Automatic Conversion Software

Source: Image by Malachi Witt from Pixabay

Let's face it. If you're from the AEC industry, you have probably heard the term 'automatic conversions’ being thrown around quite frequently these days. Architects, engineers, or designers alike are updating their systems to create seamless workflows and processes.

With this growing demand, automatic conversion software such as Faramoon's Point-to-Plan is getting a lot of coverage in the industry. However, many argue that it is extraordinarily difficult to replace what human touch can do in architecture and design, and if you're an architect, you might wonder if you actually need one. With just about every major AEC player moving towards creating seamless workflows, turnaround time becomes a critical factor and you might have to think of enabling automation at small or medium scale applications.

Have you ever imagined being able to design freely and cut out all the unnecessary tasks? Faramoon’s automatic conversion software can help you embrace automation and develop a symbiotic relationship with it, and here’s why.

1. It saves you cost

Our automatic conversion software allows you to work faster and thus yield you significant savings. Compared to the expenses you are currently incurring due to factors including but not limited to dependence on human input, varying error tolerances, and manual quality checks, Faramoon’s Point-to-Plan is cheaper and more cost-effective for your projects. Moreover, the investment you put into the automatic conversion software would be easily budgeted, both time and money. The era of hiring interns to make models manually from point clouds has passed. How about trying a software far more reliable and of assured quality instead?

2. It saves you time

Faramoon's Point-to-Plan automatically converts point cloud data to a deployable BIM model in a matter of hours, all without a modeler's supervision. This solution allows your human resource to focus on other essential tasks. Nobody likes long turnaround times, and Faramoon addresses precisely this bottleneck. What would previously take two to ten days can now be executed 100 times faster. Even better, with our new user-friendly interface, all you need to do is provide the software a link to your data anywhere in the cloud and the system will come back to you with your model in no time.

Source: Image by Lorenzo Cafaro from Pixabay

3. Minimal errors

How do you currently look for errors in your design drawings and as-builts? Most architects find it challenging when undertaking a renovation project to build on top of existing plans, especially for old buildings where architectural schematics may be inaccurate. Faramoon's Point-to-Plan creates a 3D model almost simultaneously with data capture. This provides a complete and accurate record of the building that can be used immediately. This information can be cross-checked by other stakeholders, allowing any inputs to be automatically updated across all files, reducing errors in the process. Thus, using automatic conversion software facilitates not only faster decision-making but also project alteration. The software delivers accurate 3D models for reliable execution of the project.

4. Operational control

Faramoon’s automatic conversion software allows you to keep the operational control of your project in your own hands. The software is hosted in the cloud. And the conversion process is triggered automatically as soon as a file is uploaded. This means that you no longer need to wait for teams working in different time-zones to respond. Furthermore, all major input and output formats are supported and hence the 3D model generated through Faramoon's automatic conversion software can easily be imported and edited with key CAD and BIM design tools.

5. Easy to get started, difficult to be ignored

Using an automatic conversion software means highly skilled employees will no longer need to spend their precious time on 3D modelling details that require a great amount of skill; it's all automated with the click of a button. If this sounds too good to be true, try it for yourself and receive a 50% discount on your first scan. Aside from the arguments above, the industry is moving rapidly, and it won't be long until automation becomes a must-have in Scan-to-BIM projects.

Faramoon is taking the Software-as-a-Service model a step further by offering a COVID-Safe Package, which provides everything a firm would need for its post-Covid return, from site survey to 3D model generation.

If you have been thinking of using an automatic conversion software like Faramoon's Point-to-Plan, there's never a better time than now. ⏳

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