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Interning at Faramoon

As Faramoon is affiliated with the University of Melbourne, we take pride each year in training the future generation of digital engineers. Students are able to take this internship as one of their internship subjects at the University and will get course credit at the end of the internship. This year, we had two interns from Master of Civil Engineering at the University of Melbourne who predominantly worked with Scan to BIM and point cloud classification. Over the weeks, they gained ample knowledge and experience to what “Scan to BIM” is and how Faramoon can help reduce the modelling time significantly. Let’s hear how they found the internship.

Frank Guo

"It has been a great experience working in Faramoon. I have been trained and learned a lot of knowledge and techniques for 3D scanning and modeling, which will be very useful in my future career. There are also many opportunities to practice these skills and to enhance these techniques. The working environment in the company is great, as well. Working with my supervisors Achini and Steven was pleasant, they were friendly and offered me a lot of help to improve my skills"

Tony Li

"During the internship in Faramoon, I have gained a lot of useful and practical skills. First, it gave me a chance to work in a real-world industry, where different people come from different backgrounds. It developed my communication and team working skills, for example; working with a colleague to finish a project together. Those are precious experiences for my future career, as it gave me an insight of how a company works. Furthermore, I have gained a lot in developing my technical skills as well. Faramoon provided me a lot of practice in Autodesk Revit, Recap, and I'm now proficient with this software and am able to draft a 3D model of a building quickly. When I had any problems and challenges, my supervisor would help and discuss with me how to solve these issues patiently. I really enjoyed working for Faramoon, and I had a really good time!"

They have now finished the internship, and will be applying for jobs in Australia, as well as overseas. We wish them all the very best for their future endeavors.

Want to know more about Faramoon? Visit us at and submit your scans for a free trial.

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