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Our two options for Scan to BIM

You may have stumbled upon our website at, but did you know that we also have another website at You may be asking, what’s the difference? Well I’m gonna explain that.

Faramoon is a company that focuses on developing software to convert point cloud data into BIM models. Although we have spent many years developing this software, the software is just not ready yet. But the good news is we offer two separate websites to access the software.

Our website offers a service where you can send us a point cloud file hosted from your favourite cloud storage service such as Dropbox, Google Drive, WeTransfer and so on. These submitted links are downloaded by our team and evaluated if the file can be modelled. If it can be, then we will upload the file to our software first for an initial conversion to a BIM file. Afterwards, we import this BIM file into Autodesk Revit where we will alter and complete the model to your specifications. Once completed, you will be emailed your file and an invoice.

The is a web application that allows you to sign up and manually upload your point cloud files directly to the software. This means you can get your files converted into a BIM file within an hour. However, we are aware that the output is not perfect, so you will still need to finish modelling the file yourself. With that said, we are offering this for free!

To find out how to use the web application, go to this link: Both websites are available to cater your needs. Check out the flowchart below to work out which one suits you best.

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